Friday, June 19, 2009

Best of Africa - Namibia

(May 31st - June 9th, 2009)

5. Namibia

In Namibia, we started our journey going to Etosha National Park for more game drives. Even though it was a great place, I had to skip some of the rides because I could not get excited anymore from spotting wild animals. They were literally everywhere and in big quantities.

After Etosha, on our way to Swakopmund, we stopped at the Cheetah’s Farm for one night. I was a little skeptical about going there and spending more time spotting cheetahs from a distance but after not even 15 minutes in the farm /camp site I realized that that “game” experience was going to be different. Once we got there, on our way from the truck to the toilets, we passed by several cheetahs and cubs that were standing right by the fence.

After eating, the guys from the farm took us to see their cheetahs and that was very special. Being a “people” person and not an “animal” person, once we got close to the two amazing cheetahs they had in their backyard, I took a good distance and seat down on the lawn to try to take some great pictures of them. Not even 2 minutes later, while I was still preparing my camera, one of the cheetahs started walking on my direction, and before I could stand up and run, she was already licking me all over. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!! Think about someone having a heart attack without being able to express it. That was me!!!

As soon as she started licking me, I thought I could feel her teeth as well because it felt so harsh, but then, the guys told me that it was only her tongue I was feeling and that I should relax and enjoy the free body scrub. SERIOUSLY AGAIN!!! Instead of taking her off me they were all laughing and enjoying watching me panicking. After maybe 20 minutes of “free body scrub” I stop minding it, and actually, I started turning around so she could work on every part of my back… It was priceless! Just Amazing! After that, we went to feed the wild ones and it was also really incredible. What a gorgeous animal!!

My last stop in Namibia was in Swakopmund, where I stayed for almost a week. Abby and I decided to leave the truck, spend more time in the city, and after that fly straight to Cape Town.

In Swakopmund, a very little and charming town, we went skydiving and quad biking in the Namib Desert. Quad biking was very special, but in my opinion, there is nothing you can do in your life that feels better than skydiving. The way I have been describing it for the past 15 years, when I first did it in Brazil, is that “it is so orgasmic and feels like having sex with the angels”. All the girls laughed at me when I said that, but ALL OF THEM adopted “my saying” to describe their skydiving experience as well.

Incredible country! Amazing experiences!

Here are some photos from this part of the trip. Enjoy it!

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  1. Wow! I loved that part, thank you so much for sharing it with us, have a great and safe continuation of the rest of your pure experience trip, bjs