Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Best of Africa - South Africa

(June 9th-July 3rd, 2009)

So, as I have mentioned before, Abbey and I left the truck and decided to fly straight to Cape Town from Swakopmund. That was really a good thing to do, first because we could not stand being on the truck anymore, and second, because I had more time in Swakopmund to go Skydiving again!

Once we got to Cape Town, we met up with 2 Dutch guys we have met in Namibia. Dennis and Henk, Dennis’ dad, were traveling around Southern Africa for the past 4 weeks and Cape Town was their last stop. They took us around and we did have a blast. We went to Cape Point, Cape of Good Hope, Simmon’s Town (to see the penguins), Hermanus (to see the whales), Stellenbosch (to drink wine), and to several sightseeing spots, restaurants, and bars in Cape Town. Abbey and I did indeed enjoy our time with them.

Once they left, Abbey and I continued to explore the city center on our own. I started getting very sick and a little tired of being on the go for so long. Abbey went back to Australia after few days and I took my things and went to Hout Bay, a beautiful beach town only 20 minutes from Cape Town, and decided to stay at Uncle Roger's (Justin's real uncle) place for a little while (3 weeks).

During my time in Hout Bay, I took a full week break for intensive resting in order to get better from my flu and body exhaustion. I was also able to do some online catching up with everything and everyone.

Once I got better, and seriously it took me a lot of sleep and medicine, I started doing great stuff again, including spending a weekend at Uncle Roger’s farm, an incredible place at the top of a mountain, only 45 minutes from Hout Bay, where accordingly to him, is the place where the angels live, and accordingly to me, he is totally RIGHT!

Uncle Roger also took me on a tour to one of the townships in Hout Bay and we had a fantastic time drinking beers and playing pool with the locals over there. It was really a lot of fun!

Now I’m getting ready to go for my next and last journey in Africa – Mozambique. I truly believe it will be extraordinary and I cannot wait to be there… and I guess after that, I must go back to the often called “real life”…

The following are two little movies for you to enjoy. The first one is from this trip and the second one is from my trip to South Africa two years ago.

Beijos, Gi

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  1. You missed all the fun in Pretoria, Johansburg, Bloemfontein & Port Elizabeth. Where have you been? :-)))